Lots Ideal for Cellphone Towers

As of October 1, 2020

Title No ________
Lot Area ______
Tax Dec 86203

Barangay Mameltac San Fernando City La Union, situated near the Electrical tower in sloping area

Check this Google Map

TaxDec/Title Here

Title No FP-025-2010000911
Lot Area 2,493 sqm
Tax Dec 86202
Lot No. 10815) just adjacent to the Engineered Sanitary Landfill Facility (ESLF) in Barangay Mameltac San Fernando City La Union

It is located near this place . Check this Coogle map

TaxDec/Title Here

Tax Declaration 49057
Lot Area 1,231 sqm
Biday San Fernando City La Union

Unirrigated and sloping

It is located near CSI San Fernando La Union in by pass road San Fernando City La Union. Check this Google Map

TaxDec Here

TCT No T-188879(S)
Lot Area 571 sqm
Bo. of Pimpila, Pamplona, Cagayan
Near Highway

Title Here

Tax Dec No 15602
Lot Area 4616sqm
Sta Barbara Pangasinan
Note- Near highway of Sta Barbara, Pangasinan



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