Approved Sub Division Plan Submitted to DENR

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Proposed Detailed Sub Division Plan (NOT Submitted to DENR)
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Please note that that the following were bought by Wilmer:

Lot 10207-A-1 (163.60 sqm) (Aunti Nel and Uncle Benny's share)
Lot 10207-A-2 (81.80 sqm) (Uncle Jimmy's share)
Lot 10207-A-3 (81.80 sqm) (Firmorico's share)

For Lot 10207-A-3 (81.80 sqm), this is the share of Uncle Lauro Francisco.
For Lot 10207-A-4 (175 sqm), this is under the name of Uncle Pepito Francisco .


These are the templates we used when Wilmer acquired the share of Darby Francisco. Please check if these are applicable in the case of Uncle Lalong's share.

A. Deed of Sale /Acknowledgement Receipt

-Acknowledgement Receipt
-Deed of Absolute Sale (BIR copy)
-Deed of Absolute Sale (internal copy)

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B. Deed of Adjudication

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