Posted March 19, 2017. 6:20 PM
Clarence Francisco
Tarlac City

Dear cousin,

I have one request.

I am helping Wilmer who is based in Hawaii to officially segregate a portion of the common Francisco lot in Laoag which he purchased from Uncle Benny and Auntie Nel.. The total area is 163.6 square meters (sqm) or 81.8 sqm per share. The annotation of this acquired lot is officially indicated in the TCT as can be seen here .

The deed of sales submitted to Register of Deeds and BIR are found below.

The legal basis of the segregation is this notarized acknowledgement document signed by Uncle Lalong and Uncle Pepito

Note that the GROSS actual transaction is P378,190 per share (for deduction are capital gains tax,share in mortgage tax, subdivision plan etc) . Here is a sample copy of the internal transaction between Wilmer and Darby

I wish also to update you that Wilmer recently acquired the shares of Uncle Jimmy and Dad . Thus he has acquired 4 of the 6 shares. These are the shares of Uncle Benny, Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nel and Firmorico.

Please follow the links below for the deed of sales submitted to Register of Deeds

For the segregation, he commissioned a surveyor to come up with a sub division plan to delineate the scope of his lot (163.8 square meters).

One requirement by the DENR for the approval of the subdivusion plan is an affidavit of subdivision from one of the heirs of Uncle Lalong. Can you or any one sign the affidavit of sub division ?

I am sending a template of the said affidavit for your signature. Kindly send to me asap the duly signed document. I will be the one to have this notarized.

He is currently pooling the required funds so he can buy one more share.

Thanks and regards to all.




For any clarification, please drop me an email at sam[at] . Or drop me a message on Facebook .




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March 21, 2017 530PM- Posted Uncle Pit's Last SMS
March 20, 2017 230PM- Posted About Uncle Pepito
March 20, 2017 11AM- Posted Proposed Subdivision Plan Submitted to DENR
March 20, 2017 11AM- Posted Proposed Detailed Subdivision Plan (Not submitted to DENR)

Uncle Pit's Last SMS


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Proposed Sub Division Plan Submitted to DENR

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Proposed Detailed Sub Division Plan (NOT Submitted to DENR)
Just in case cousins would like to retain Uncle Lalong's share, please check the proposed location of the lot below.
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About Uncle Pepito

We don't really know what went wrong. Uncle Pit with his live in partner used to be regularly spending the holiday break with us in our place in Laoag City.

But all of a sudden he texted us sometime early 2016 that he would be going home to Laoag and stay in his "house" for good. Arlene who used to be staying there vacated the place earlier than his expected migration. To our surprise, he sent another text message. This time, it is a threat that he would file a criminal charge against us. We don't know exactly what grounds and who exactly are the specific family members concerned he was referring to.

In a few instances, Dad Ikong tried to reconnect with him to iron out things. But even the notice of the passing away of Uncle Benny and Uncle Lalong did not give him the motivation to reply back and talk to us.